Christian R. Proaño

University Professor of Economics, Otto-Friedrich-Universität Bamberg

Other Publications

  • Proaño, C.R. (2014), Better Capital Controls, and Less Interest Rate Hikes, Are What EMs Need, Blog comment at Economonitor, Feb. 10th.
  • Proaño, C.R., (2014), Models as Tools, not Truths, in A. Eisenbarth & B. Weathers (Eds.) The New
    School Economic Review 6 (Jan.), 23-26.
  • Proaño, C.R. (2013), On the Potential Pitfalls of the EU Fiscal Pact: A Simulation Study of the International Dimension of Fiscal Austerity, in T. Ghilarducci and R. McGahey (Guest Eds.) Social Research: An International Quarterly, 80(3), New York: NY.
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