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2011 Research and Publication Recap

Some people say that a good way to start a new year is to make a recapitulation of what one did in the previous year.

In general terms, 2011 was for me one of the most demanding years of my life from the professional perspective. At The New School I taught undergraduate and graduate courses (and you can guess which level was more demanding in terms of preparation time and teaching ability…), and engaged in a number of new projects both with old coauthors and some new ones which I will continue in 2012 (the next post will be on my 2012 research outlook).

Various studies which I worked on during the past years were also published in 2011. Here are the most relevant ones:

In a joint effort with my former collegues at the IMK Sven Schreiber, Thomas Theobald, Sabine Stephan, Katja Rietzler, and Daniel Detzer I worked on an expertise for the the German Federal Ministry of Finance on the development of a recession forecasting model based on my IMK Working Paper 10/2010.

Toichiro Asada, Peter Flaschel and Tarik Mouakil and I publish at Macmillan the book Asset Markets, Portfolio Choice & Macroeconomic Activity where among other things we highlighted the similarities between the modeling approach of the “Bielefeld School” (Barkley Rosser’s words) and the stock-flow consistent modeling put forward by Wynne Godley and his research team.

Together with Lance Taylor and Laura Carvalho, I also “engaged” in the US fiscal debt debate through a SCEPA working paper and a SCEPA blog post, and jointly with Willi Semmler and Christian Schoder I also had my three words to say about the external debt sustainability of euro area countries at EconoMonitor.

For the complete list of my publications, go here. If you want to check my most recent working papers, go here. I hope to be able to update this website on a more regular basis this year, and I would be happy if you check it out from time to time.

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