Christian R. Proaño

University Professor of Economics, Otto-Friedrich-Universität Bamberg

Contributions in Edited Volumes

  • Charpe, M., Flaschel, P., Proaño, C.R. & W. Semmler (2014), Expectations, Firms’ Indebtedness and
    Business Fluctuations in a Structural Keynesian Monetary Growth Framework, in Dieci, R., He,
    T. & Hommes, C. (eds): Advances in Nonlinear Economic Dynamics and Quantitative Finance,
    Essays in Honour of Carl Chiarella. New York: Springer.
  • Flaschel, P. & C.R. Proaño (2007), AS-AD Disequilibrium Dynamics and Taylor Interest Rate Policy Rule: Euro Area-Based Estimation and Simulation, in Arestis, P., Hein, E. & E. Le Heron (eds): Aspects of Modern Monetary and Macroeconomic Policies, New York: MacMillan.
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